UTR: Life is Short

  Have you noticed during this pandemic that life is moving so fast—maybe even passing you by? Have you asked yourself, “How do we make the most out of our short time

Lights, Camera, Pro!’s Shawn Ventura

Shawn Ventura started the Lights, Camera, Pro! Podcast to give his listeners a special behind-the-scenes look at—or maybe more appropriately, “listening of”—the entertainment industry.  Dedicated to the many unsung off-stage heroes, Shawn

Fireside Conversations

One of the best things about camping is the end-of-the-day fireside conversations—the perfect chance for deep and real conversations… and the occasional ghost story. Ryan Bethea is capturing these conversations in his

Broadway The Giant

Joining Clubpod, Podcast Magazine®’s club on Clubhouse, opened the doors for Glenn Barton, also known as “Broadway the Giant,” to cross my path. Broadway was in a Clubhouse room that I was

Shuli Exposed

The Shuli Show is truly a one-of-a-kind podcast… … because there is only one Shuli.  Comedian Shuli Egar, the widely recognized former writer and producer (and regular on-air talent) of The Howard

UTR: The Sugarcraft Junkies

  What better time of year to review a podcast about sugar and bakers? From the home baker to the professional baker and everyone in between, this is for you if you’d