UTR: A Sound Effect Podcast

Sound effects are an important element in many movies and games, so it’s no surprise that there is a podcast dedicated to the topic.  A Sound Effect Podcast is a team effort,

UTR: Spoken Word Poetry Podcast

  You don’t have to be a spoken-word enthusiast to appreciate the beautiful poetic expressions on the Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. Host Ariana R. Cherry’s performance art, music, and poetry are well-combined

Mindy Peterson: Enhancing Life with Music

Mindy Peterson is a nationally certified music teacher and host of the podcast, Enhance Life with Music. This show is unique because it explores the power of music through the lens of


  If you’d like insight into a day in the life of music teachers who are training the next generation of musicians, you’ve got to listen to AMusEd. You’ll hear all about

Terry Wollman: Embodying the Open-Door Policy

As a passionate artist and podcast aficionado, it’s so gratifying and refreshing to have a heartfelt dialogue with amazingly talented individuals who’ve amassed great success and understand the intricacies of the music

UTR: The Grunge Bible Podcast

  “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky… but why, why can’t it be mine?” I remember the first time I

UTR: Flawless – A Music Podcast

  If you’re looking for hearty, amicable debates about the best albums of all time, look no further than Flawless – A Music Podcast. What could be better than listening to three

The Evolution of Music Podcasts

Live entertainers have been facing a harsh reality for the past two years. Musicians who relied on live performances for their income were thrown for a loop when the prolonged nature of

Terron Brooks: Leading with his Heart

Terron Brooks is a singer-songwriter whose voice has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “smooth and soulful.” Ironically, he also has a knack for asking questions that reveal the heart

UTR: OK Jazz

  It’s such a pleasure to stumble across a rare-find podcast with unique charm—the OK Jazz podcast is one of them.  It’s your destination for American music as well as new releases

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