Helping Writers Become Authors

A lifelong prolific reader, K.M. “Katie” Weiland remembers sitting in a treehouse during a family reunion, making up a story about something bad happening—she doesn’t recall if it involved aliens or monsters—and

The Mean Show

When longtime writer, editor, and journalist Kristen Philipkoski was in her 40s, she easily mingled with the 20-year-olds who also wrote fashion blogs and attended Fashion Week. But as she hit 45,

No Guilty Pleasure

When Bad on Paper’s Grace Atwood decided to take a break from podcasting, co-founder Becca Freeman knew right away she wanted former guest Olivia Muenter to step in as her new co-host. 

UTR: Windowsill Chats

  When I first stumbled upon Margo Tantau’s Windowsill Chats: Real People and Their Creative Paths, I immediately imagined myself sitting in a windowsill, with Margo sitting in hers across the way,

Myths & Legends

In 2015, English major Jason Weiser listened to podcasts while commuting to his hospital research job. But he couldn’t quite find one that spoke to his interest in folklore, mythology, and legends. 

UTR: Spoken Word Poetry Podcast

  You don’t have to be a spoken-word enthusiast to appreciate the beautiful poetic expressions on the Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. Host Ariana R. Cherry’s performance art, music, and poetry are well-combined

Podcasts For the Artist in You

Arts and crafts have reportedly been bringing joy to many people during one of the most turbulent periods in human history. Equally interesting is the fact that individuals have been turning to

The Sound of Style

At a time when fashion shows, red carpets, and other familiar events are few and far between, the fashion industry has turned to podcasts to remind the public of a glorious cultural

Audio Plays: Bringing Theater To a New Audience Base

When the pandemic inevitably led to empty theater seats around the country, artists, playwrights, and producers rose to the challenge. Instead of lamenting the fact that lockdowns and fears of COVID-19 transmission

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