Two Mr Ps In A Pod(Cast)

Whether listeners are fellow educators, parents, nostalgia-seekers, or weary souls in need of a hearty laugh, Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast) hosts Adam and Lee Parkinson aim to entertain with a

UTR: Kwik Brain

  Until I picked up Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik, I would start my day with an hour-long scroll through my phone, not realizing I was setting myself up to fret and

The Urban Farm

All his life, Greg Peterson, host of The Urban Farm, has carried an enormous weight for the human race:  “I’m the person on the planet responsible for transforming our global food system,”

UTR: The Epic Dad Podcast

  Host Jason McCleery tells the story of a slightly overweight dad sitting in traffic listening to podcasts while driving to a job that was unfulfilling, returning home tired and deflated to

Men On Purpose

Men On Purpose host Ian Lobas—a self-described “naturally defiant person”—has held close to his father’s advice during the rollercoaster seasons of his life.  “He always told me, ‘You can be defiant, but

UTR: Midlife Schmidlife

  What does a mother do when she hits that half-century mark? If she’s Liz Applegate, she hosts a podcast for other people finding themselves older than 40 and wondering what’s ahead

From Surviving to Thriving

Looking back two decades, This Organized Life host Laurie Palau didn’t foresee having a thriving business and podcast—she just knew being organized was essential to her survival.  At that time, she was

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