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Back in the early stages of my career—almost 20 years ago—when I was preparing to take on a management position, I stumbled on two books by John Maxwell that became staples for me in my constant quest for self-improvement. Those two books were Leadership 101 and Attitude 101. I wanted to be the best leader possible, so I devoured them both and carried them with me from job to job.

With that history, finding The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast has been both a step back to those days and a leap forward into the future of education—from words on a page in a book to those spoken, discussed, and distributed in a podcast.

One especially poignant episode for me—a self-described dreamer—is “What Stands Between You and Your Dreams?” In it, Maxwell defines the difference between daydreams and daring dreams and describes four obstacles that prevent dream fulfillment—having the wrong kind of dream, fear, critical people, and the most impactful for me, our own work habits, attitudes, and disciplines. (Anyone besides me feel called out on that one?)

Now, instead of carrying around the 101 books from years ago, I’m tucking away this bit of wisdom to pull out whenever I need a refresher: “The real difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you do day to day.” 

Have a listen and be inspired. 


September 2022 Issue

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