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In late 2015, I switched jobs, lengthening my one-way commute from five minutes to 45. After a few weeks of blaring music, I needed a better way to occupy my mind for 90 minutes a day, so I listened to my first podcast, Write Now with Sarah Werner

I was a writer traveling to a writing job, so a writing podcast would be my perfect companion. And that’s exactly what Write Now is.

Werner hands out doses of encouragement, advice, and thoughtful talks with writers of all genres. When she experiences struggles, like most creatives do, she faces them boldly and shares with listeners, offering the reassurance that she—and we—will survive. Her soft-spoken candor feels like she’s talking directly to the listener, and even when the advice is tough, the words are gentle, as if from a close friend who understands battles with the outside world and the enemy inside. 

I learned tips and tools for writing, reasons why self-care is important, and ways to bounce back during a dry spell, plus a whole lot more. 

Seven years later, I’m still listening and learning, even though my commute is now only three minutes. Instead of simply filling a void while navigating traffic, I mindfully choose to sit down and listen, and I’m a better writer and person for investing the time.


October 2022 Issue

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