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Network Conversations: Building Relationships One Interview At A Time

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“Your network is your net worth” and other equally blah quotes about networking are so… well… 90s. 

In today’s business world, networking is about building meaningful, mutually beneficial business relationships. And no one serves up connections like Adam Connors of NetWorkWise—a “social architect and super-connector who is known for his expansive network and an extraordinary ability to open difficult doors.” 

In other words, he is a master of what he preaches… and podcasts. 

Conversations with Connors, presented by NetWorkWise, is “the ultimate in connecting,” Adam says.

“The beauty of a podcast is that it lets you truly connect with people, which is a blast. You also get to let the audience be a fly on the wall and learn—whether about the person you’re interviewing or something about their expertise. You hear it straight from them.”

There are three main tenants of Adam’s show: 

“First, that I know, like, and trust or admire you. That’s what the relationships are about. Second, you are a success… which of course is a subjective term. My definition of success is living a life by design, not by default. By this, I mean you’re doing what you want, when you want, where you want it, and how you want it. Third, you can attribute a cornerstone of your success to the relationships you’ve developed.”

Adam prefers the unscripted and casual conversation in which the guests feel comfortable, which often leads to unexpected personal revelations. One particularly revealing episode really touched him, as it epitomized the depth of his relationships with his guests.

“I had a woman share with me something that was deeply personal and not known to anyone. I think she felt it was cathartic. Her own husband didn’t even know what she shared. Even though she gave me permission to publish it, I ended up editing it out. But that one stands out more than anything.”

Conversations with Connors is unique in that Adam interviews every guest in person. He explains, I spend the day with my guest, and then we record. We just hang out first. This makes it so much moreConversations with Connors cover art personal. There’s no question about that. It’s getting back to what networking and relationships are really all about. After all, if I want to talk the talk, then I should walk the walk. 

“The drawback is that it’s of course a logistical nightmare that can get expensive. It takes a lot of time. And you’re also losing ‘business’ time, right? Still, I feel the pros far supersede the cons. Again, it’s all about your perception. It’s definitely a fun day, too, as opposed to ‘work.’ I get to spend quality time with quality people. I get deeper and learn more about them. By the time it comes to throwing the camera on, we’re much more relaxed. Maybe we’ve covered some of the other stuff that might not be as interesting during a shared meal, which allows us to then get more to the core of things during the actual interview.

“The podcast is not about me. It’s about the audience and the guest. I’m constantly asking myself how my audience can get the most out of the interview and what I can do to highlight my guest in the best possible light. 

It’s about taking a connection and transcending that into a relationship that ultimately becomes your ally.

For Adam, building the relationship is key to a great podcast interview. And for guests he doesn’t personally know, he researches them as much as possible beforehand and “borrows trust”: 

“Borrowed trust is like this—you and I, we build a relationship. We know each other. If you then use your social capital to put your name behind somebody else you recommend to me, that person is essentially leveraging your trust in them. That’s something that’s coming through you. So if I trust you, I trust them. I’m borrowing your trust in them.” 

Adam certainly walks his walk. He spends time quarterly staying in touch with those in his network. He does simple reach-outs to inquire about what’s going on in their life. Sometimes, it’s via email, and other times, by text or even a phone call. 

Adam also lives by his “Five Minute Favor”

If anyone in his periphery of friends has an “ask,” and it takes less than five minutes, he spends the first hour of his day responding to the five-minute-favor asks. 

Clearly, he enjoys just helping people out. It’s how he networks. It’s how he treats people. It’s how he does business, and it’s how he produces his podcast. 

“Just do good things, and you help people. When that’s your intent, you get this ‘Karmadic Boomerang’ effect that just brings the good back to you. I definitely benefit the most, if not by anything other than just sharing the stories with you.” 

It’s a great philosophy to live by. 


November / December 2022


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