It’s All In Our DNA

Recently, I watched the People’s Choice Podcast Awards. When the host announced DNA Today as the winner in the Science & Medicine category, my interest was piqued. Then I heard Kira Dineen,

UTR: Knowable

  Knowable probes the limits of how we think about big questions in science and technology and how they have changed over time.  An extension of Knowable Magazine, this podcast is hosted

Fun with Science Journalism…

In my hunt for great women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) who make science accessible to the masses without dumbing it down, I was delighted to find the ScienceVs podcast,

Alan Cumming Takes to Podcasting

Many know him for some of his Tony award winning performances in Cabaret, popular role as Eli Gold on the Good Wife, or his many other movies and commercials over the years.

Science Without Bias

In a time when people believe the idea that even scientific “fact” can be interpreted, Jessica Steier and Andrea Love provide listener relief by ‘sifting through the noise’ in their show, Unbiased

The Brainy Sky of the Ski Industry

The snow is falling in the Northern Hemisphere. For many, the itch to get back on the slopes is deep within the soul. We prep our gear, watch extreme ski movies, and

Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Brain

Podcasters often say that their inspiration to begin podcasting came from listening to a podcast and thinking “I can do that!”  Virginia “Ginger” Campbell, M.D. listened to her first podcasts—Skepticality and The