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Life’s Little Mysteries is a new Audioboon original podcast dedicated to “answering questions about mysteries big and small.” Featuring health reporter Nicoletta Lanese, who is at the forefront of Live Science’s coronavirus coverage, this show is co-produced with Live Science and hosted by Mindy Weisberger and Jeanna Bryner, editor-in-chief of Life Science. 

Now offering special weekly coverage of and updates about the coronavirus, this is a “must listen to” in the face of the pandemic we are currently facing. 

I have listened to the episodes from February 28, March 6, and March 13, 2020, all of which cover the coronavirus. Based on these, I would definitely give the other covered mysteries a listen, as well. 

With a veteran production team, the quality of sound, production, reporting, and coverage all around is super. 

I give this podcast a 5 out of 5 mic podcast rating. 

Expect a new update episode every Monday. You can also check out livescience.com/topics/coronavirus for more information. Listeners are also encouraged to post questions on the website forum, and watch for Q&A’s on Facebook Live.


April 2020 Issue

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