UTR: Knowable

  Knowable probes the limits of how we think about big questions in science and technology and how they have changed over time.  An extension of Knowable Magazine, this podcast is hosted

UTR: Martinis & Murder

  When I was a kid and snuck a sip of my mom’s martini, I hated it. “It’s an acquired taste,” she told me. Ironically, that’s how I feel about Martinis &

UTR: Equals

  Equals is a seasonal podcast about hope in the fight against inequality.  The episode I listened to featured Zambian Musical Artist PilAto. Orphaned at age 16 when both of his parents

UTR: Officer Down Memorial Podcast

  Many people, myself included, will point to Derek Chauvin as the exception—not the example—of a police officer today. Having worked with law enforcement for nearly two decades, I can tell you

UTR: The Online Fraudcast

  Cybercrimes are on the rise. Cybercriminals attempt to gain illegal access to your computer system for the sole purpose of causing damage and harm. Cybercriminals steal your digital information and wreak

LGBTQ&A With Jeffrey Masters

  LGBTQ&A is currently produced by the Advocate Magazine in partnership with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). According to the podcast website, Jeffrey Masters began the podcast in 2016 to

UTR: Buttons & Figgs

  “I don’t care a button, I don’t care a fig.” This line from an Edward Lear poem caught my attention as I listened to the Buttons & Figs podcast intro. I

UTR: Acquired

  Although this podcast often hits the top of charts, it was new to me and definitely deserving of a review. I LOVE this show!  Hosts Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal are

UTR: Writer Wrong

  If you love behind-the-scenes documentaries of your favorite shows and movies, the Writer Wrong podcast may be perfect for you. It’s an intriguing concept: the podcast story itself is sandwiched between

UTR: Americana Podcast

  There’s something about the Americana Podcast that gives you a toe-tapping, feel-good vibe! Host Robert Earl Keen is a prolific songwriter and Americana pioneer, and he has a knack for drawing

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