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Dr. Philip Ovadia, host of the podcast Stay Off My Operating Table, used to feel he was destined to be obese, based on his family history. And all his life, right up to becoming a heart surgeon, he struggled with obesity. 

The guests he interviews on his show every week are as inspiring as his story.

This podcast is made more special because of Dr. Ovadia’s firsthand experience in nothing helping him shed weight.

After seeing himself reflected in the overweight people he was operating on, he recognized that his excess pounds could easily lead him to end up on the operating table, too. So, he figured out how to lose 100 pounds and keep it off. 

His passion for this subject clearly drives him to find guests who have a valuable-yet-different take on concepts related to good health.

The August 23, 2022, episode features a health-coach-turned-mindset-coach who helps people move past the limiting beliefs that are preventing them from creating change in their lives. This thought-provoking subject can very well help listeners finally commit to achieving their health goals. 

With fascinating conversations about a variety of wellness topics, from metabolic health to dieting, anyone who cares about their health needs to tune in to Stay Off My Operating Table.


October 2022 Issue

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