2022 Podcast Magazine® Annual Buyers Guide

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The holidays are just around the corner now…

… which means you’re likely “pulling a Santa”—making your list of gifts for those you love and appreciate.

Perhaps you’re also wishing you had a personal elf to help you find the “perfect” presents. Consider the role filled!

Throughout the year, Podcast Magazine® highlights tools and gadgets we think will be of interest to our readers. And in this issue, we’ve rounded them all up for you in our 3rd Annual Buyers Guide!

On the pages that follow, you’ll find recommendations for your podcast-loving friends, family members, colleagues, etc. There’s really something for everyone!

You’ll also see a mix of paid listings as well as affiliate links for an assortment of books, equipment, and more that are perfect not only for holiday gift giving, but for any gift-giving occasion for years to come. (This includes treating yourself, of course!)

‘Tis the season—enjoy!


PDF Version – PodcastMagazine_NovDec2022_ABG


The links shown are affiliate links. If you purchase any of the products, programs, and/or services through one of the aforementioned affiliate links, we may receive compensation. Please note that our results from using these products, programs, and services may not reflect yours. We highly recommend conducting your own research before investing in anything, from anyone.

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