Smashing Security AND Perspectives…

Over the last several years, cybersecurity podcasts have been on the rise as threats have escalated around the world. No longer relegated to only those “in the know,” cybersecurity has become a

UTR: Your Undivided Attention

  I gravitated to the show because of its title and their episode topics. I was intrigued by their recommendations on where to start with their show, the provided transcripts and how

UTR: Code Newbie

  Saron Yitbarek is the host of the Code Newbie podcast. With seventeen seasons of the show published, listeners are sure to find useful content no matter their level of coding experience.

UTR: Hacking Humans

  Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan host a show that clearly explains the links behind all the major cyber hacks we have ever seen, including those that, at times, have shut down critical

Volley, Technologist Talk, & Biz Talk

And then there were three.  What started out as thirteen podcasts from the various teams at CompTIA—Computing Technology Industry Association—are now three. They encompass all the layers of advocacy, training, and news

Strong Versus The Machine: Guess Who Wins

Automation—powered by Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is commonly known—runs our lives, whether we believe it does or not.  In the “olden” days, automation was controlled by simple programs that didn’t

UTR: Does Not Compute

Hosts Sean Washington and Rockwell Schrock talk all things web development and it is obvious they love what they do and have a deep knowledge. Stick with the show past the initial

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