UTR: The Stand Out CEO Show

  There are literally thousands of business podcasts. Some motivate, some inspire, and some educate. Many educational business podcasts are dry and, quite frankly, boring.  This podcast is not.  Host Brad Powell

A Changed Life

Hacking comes in all forms. Sometimes, it doesn’t even require a computer.  Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings, creators and co-hosts of the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, have taken the idea of hacking

UTR: In Scope

  In Scope is an unexpected find in the technology podcast genre. As I was searching for a show to review for this issue, I came upon this podcast and was immediately

30 Shows For Tech Fans In 2022

With a new year comes all sorts of possibilities. New ideas. New goals. And sometimes, even new listening habits.  Keeping that in mind, I started wondering what the fans and hosts of

UTR: How AI Happens

How AI Happens is a bit different in the tech podcasts realm because I cannot find any indication that the host, Rob Stevenson, has a tech background. All I find is a

Smashing Security AND Perspectives…

Over the last several years, cybersecurity podcasts have been on the rise as threats have escalated around the world. No longer relegated to only those “in the know,” cybersecurity has become a

UTR: Your Undivided Attention

  I gravitated to the show because of its title and their episode topics. I was intrigued by their recommendations on where to start with their show, the provided transcripts and how

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