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In Scope is an unexpected find in the technology podcast genre. As I was searching for a show to review for this issue, I came upon this podcast and was immediately enthralled. I wish they had more episodes under their belt, so I could feature them. 

Host Mike Murray knows his stuff and has fun hosting the show and asking questions of his guests.

Topics go deep into security in the healthcare sector while making it interesting to the non-geeks who might be listening. His guests are from multiple sides of the security question, including several folks from the FDA in an interesting multi-part series. Other episodes feature people on the front lines of keeping systems running at hospitals in a world where ransomware attacks can kill patients.

Typically, when you hear an interview with a government rep or a C-suite exec from a hospital owned by a corporation, you get the same answers over and over, as if they are all reading from the same playbook. Not on this show. Mike has a gift for getting his guests to drop their defenses and tell the real stories. 

If you want to go behind the scenes and understand the real-world impacts and solutions behind the stories making headlines around the world when ransomware hits or is stopped, add this show to your playlist.


February 2022 Issue

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