Storytelling & Escape Rooms

Combine logic, intuition, common sense, fun, and just a bit of fear, and you have the escape- room experience—an activity that grew in popularity over 9000% in the few years prior to

UTR: The AfterBurn Podcast

  John Waters—call sign “Rain”—is the host of The Afterburn Podcast, an exciting and interesting podcast featuring Air Force pilots and their stories, many of which are largely unknown to the general

UTR: The Dark-O-Motive Podcast

  Okay, this is a fun podcast—even for someone not into machines and things that produce loud sounds or go fast!  This is an incredibly engaging and well-done podcast. Host Brian Lohnes

The Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal.  The word conjures up images of little old ladies in support stockings and hairnets reusing tea bags and washing out Ziplock bags.  But frugal is not the same as cheap, and

UTR: The Sugarcraft Junkies

  What better time of year to review a podcast about sugar and bakers? From the home baker to the professional baker and everyone in between, this is for you if you’d

UTR: The Travel Tidbits Podcast

  This is an interesting podcast not because it’s hosted by an ever-changing team of travel agents, but because it’s hard to get a handle on it. The agency owner and primary

Let’s Talk Anime!

Anime has something for everyone.  Storylines range from strictly adult themes to child-friendly, and they can be dramatic, funny, full of adventure, and/or action-packed. For fans of the genre, there is a

UTR: Sports Card Investor

  Sports Card investing is not for the kid discovering their first sports heroes.  This podcast is for heavy duty, serious sports card investors or those wanting to become investors.  The Sports

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