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Harken back to days of old—at least for some of us—when actual radio shows kept us company after dinner. 

From the opening refrain of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and the “On the Air” announcement, The Flowerland Show is just… well… “a kick in the plants.” 

The podcast is aired as a Wood Radio show from the greater Michigan area, but the topics are, in general, for any geographic area. Some of the episodes include subjects like birds and seeds, pollination, and just about anything related to flowers, gardening, and the nature surrounding it. 

Normally, I would have just moved on after seeing the show was very local. But this podcast just spoke to me. Hosts Rick Vuyst, Doug Wierenga, and Dusty Miller are true voice professionals. They are fun, conversational, and knowledgeable with a wicked sense of humor. And it’s always fun when you can learn from a podcast that is very well done, professional, and with superb audio. 

Normally, I would take a few points off for having a longer intro without talking (one of my personal pet peeves), but it’s just so darn mesmerizing. 

I actually think I could listen to this podcast if they were talking about grass growing… oh wait, I think they do! Go have a listen and enjoy. You are welcome!


May 2022 Issue

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