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What does a mother do when she hits that half-century mark? If she’s Liz Applegate, she hosts a podcast for other people finding themselves older than 40 and wondering what’s ahead for them. A life coach and entrepreneur, Applegate started Midlife Schmidlife after becoming an empty-nester and celebrating her 50th birthday.

Applegate strives to engage people who are no longer full-time parents and empower them to seek direction and inspiration for the days ahead. The podcast features a wide range of guests sharing their own stories on issues encountered at midlife as they redefine their lives, pursue their dreams, and discover new passions. Recent motivational topics include inspiring conversations about “Following Your Intuition,” “Making It Happen,” and “Figuring It Out.”

Not only does the podcast motivate, but it also looks deep into complicated issues like boundaries, gut-healing, active aging, hard conversations, intentional living, burnout, self-kindness, writing through pain, and creating space for healing. 

Being a person who also has surpassed that golden age, I found the conversations beneficial, insightful, and candid. In fact, I unintentionally binged many episodes on a recent eight-hour drive, unable to stop listening from one to the next. Just as parenting takes patience, endurance, and compassion, we need to handle ourselves with the same considerations as we muddle through the second half of our lives. Applegate is an honest, transparent companion on this journey. 


May 2022 Issue

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