UTR: The Epic Dad Podcast

  Host Jason McCleery tells the story of a slightly overweight dad sitting in traffic listening to podcasts while driving to a job that was unfulfilling, returning home tired and deflated to

Men On Purpose

Men On Purpose host Ian Lobas—a self-described “naturally defiant person”—has held close to his father’s advice during the rollercoaster seasons of his life.  “He always told me, ‘You can be defiant, but

UTR: LeVar Burton Reads

  For this parent who joined her children as they sat transfixed by Reading Rainbow on public television three decades ago, the smooth ebb and flow of LaVar Burton’s friendly and familiar

Myths & Legends

In 2015, English major Jason Weiser listened to podcasts while commuting to his hospital research job. But he couldn’t quite find one that spoke to his interest in folklore, mythology, and legends. 

UTR: Midlife Schmidlife

  What does a mother do when she hits that half-century mark? If she’s Liz Applegate, she hosts a podcast for other people finding themselves older than 40 and wondering what’s ahead

From Surviving to Thriving

Looking back two decades, This Organized Life host Laurie Palau didn’t foresee having a thriving business and podcast—she just knew being organized was essential to her survival.  At that time, she was