Two Mr Ps In A Pod(Cast)

Whether listeners are fellow educators, parents, nostalgia-seekers, or weary souls in need of a hearty laugh, Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast) hosts Adam and Lee Parkinson aim to entertain with a

UTR: Spilled Milk

  I’ve had a passionate love-hate relationship with food since gathering around my grandma’s kitchen table as a child. Her fried potatoes and spaghetti were the carnival barkers to get me to

UTR: Kwik Brain

  Until I picked up Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik, I would start my day with an hour-long scroll through my phone, not realizing I was setting myself up to fret and

The Urban Farm

All his life, Greg Peterson, host of The Urban Farm, has carried an enormous weight for the human race:  “I’m the person on the planet responsible for transforming our global food system,”

The Mean Show

When longtime writer, editor, and journalist Kristen Philipkoski was in her 40s, she easily mingled with the 20-year-olds who also wrote fashion blogs and attended Fashion Week. But as she hit 45,

No Guilty Pleasure

When Bad on Paper’s Grace Atwood decided to take a break from podcasting, co-founder Becca Freeman knew right away she wanted former guest Olivia Muenter to step in as her new co-host.