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Host Jason McCleery tells the story of a slightly overweight dad sitting in traffic listening to podcasts while driving to a job that was unfulfilling, returning home tired and deflated to spend hectic time with family between dinner and bed, and then collapsing in front of the television, only to wake up the next day and do it all again. 

McCleery found himself in this exact position. He was about 40 pounds overweight, and his work life was unfulfilling. He was falling short when it came to enjoying meaningful relationships with his wife and three children. But instead of staying stuck in that cycle, he decided to take a deep look at himself and embrace change—the kind that would lead to a more gratifying existence. 

He launched The Epic Dad Podcast in 2019 for listeners seeking transformation in all areas of their lives, just as he was. 

McCleery interviews experts who share enlightening views that inspire and motivate men to have more rewarding lives complete with fulfilling careers, better relationships, and healthier bodies—all of which culminate into all-around better human beings. 

McCleery helps dads identify who they want to be and how to take intentional steps toward that transition. For fathers seeking magic in their everyday lives, The Epic Dad Podcast is a worthy stop.


June 2022 Issue

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