UTR: The Launchcast

The Launchcast is a long-form conversation podcast hosted by entrepreneur and TEDx speaker/organizer George Andriopoulos. I first met George six months ago when I interviewed him about his role as a TEDx event organizer for my TalkXcelerator podcast. He told me then that curating a TEDx event has provided him with an

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UTR: The Flowerland Show

  Harken back to days of old—at least for some of us—when actual radio shows kept us company after dinner.  From the opening refrain of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and the “On the Air” announcement, The Flowerland Show is just… well… “a kick in the plants.”  The podcast is aired

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The Red Road: Amplifying Indigenous Voices Across the Globe

“If you are on the right path in your life, you are walking the Red Road,” explains Lew Hastings, creator and host of The Red Road Radio Show—a  podcast dedicated to covering news, commentary, and interviews around issues, challenges, and successes of indigenous people around the globe.  Inspired by his travel to

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On The Cutting Edge

How can we keep up with the latest health research and innovations? By listening to podcasts, of course. There are several shows dedicated to shining a light on the trailblazers of the health industry and the hottest health-related topics.  The heightened interest in mental health, male fertility, and sexual health is a

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British Podcast Award Winners 2022

On Saturday 23rd July, the 2022 British Podcast Awards powered by Audible took place in London’s Kennington Park. Elis James and John Robins hosted, bringing their signature wit and humor. They were joined by the biggest names in podcasting including Idris & Sabrina Elba, Pandora Sykes, Jamie Laing, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Poppy Jay, Jon Sopel, Diana

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