UTR: Baggage Claim

  If I were to believe my Instagram feed, there would be no doubt in my mind that everyone is able to work on a laptop from some remote, exotic beach location.  Enter the Baggage Claim podcast hosted by Will Conway. Will describes his podcast as the “gritty, real story of what

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UTR: True Crime Brewery

  There are multiple shows that mix true crime and wine, so why not true crime and beer? That’s exactly what True Crime Brewery does.  Married couple Jill and physician Dick discuss true crime with a touch of heart and humor after Dick chooses and reviews a beer from the region where

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UTR: John Eldredge

  Men: Does your heart yearn for adventure? Do you want to explore a new frontier, to awaken long-lost parts of your heart, and learn to appreciate beauty again?  It’s time to check out the John Eldredge and Wild at Heart podcast.  This is a podcast I used to listen to all

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UTR: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

  Janet Lansbury Unruffled offers everything I look for in a podcast: engaging content, high-quality, elegant sound, and a host with an endearing voice. Even the intro music, featuring an acoustic guitar, is beautiful and soothing. Best of all, Janet’s voice is consistently sweet and soft, yet powerful and authoritative in every

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