The Bob & Kevin show: Tech, Comedy, and Friendship

I am probably showing my age right now, but as I interviewed Bob Baty-Barr and Kevin Giszewski, the hosts of The Bob and Kevin Show, I realized how Carol Burnett must have felt in a skit with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Kevin is Tim Conway and Bob is Harvey Korman on

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UTR:No F*cks-given-podcast

Want to stop giving a f*ck and start living your best life? New York Times bestselling author and “anti-guru” Sarah Knight will show you how. Millions have read and loved her No F*cks Given Guides (The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, Get Your Sh*t Together, Calm the F*ck Down, etc.) and watched her 2017 TEDx Talk. 

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A Sweet Kick in the Booty

“My podcast is kinda like getting a hug from a friend, but also a sweet kick in the booty at the same time.” I had to giggle as Jennifer Allwood described her show—mostly because she couldn’t have been more accurate. Her podcast is equal parts self-help reality check and “you-can-do-it” motivation. With

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British Podcast Award Winners 2022

On Saturday 23rd July, the 2022 British Podcast Awards powered by Audible took place in London’s Kennington Park. Elis James and John Robins hosted,



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