UTR: Southern Oddities

  Southern Oddities is a new podcast from Jared Ordis, host of Even The Podcast Is Afraid. The twice weekly episodes are perfect for short commutes and provide a respite from the news of the day. This podcast focuses on myths, lore, and history of the Southern United States via stories of

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Tassel-Twirling Tease Takes Center Stage!

In the world of burlesque, Siomai (pronounced “SHOW-MY”) Moore’s story is unusual.  While some folks don’t even take classes before they jump in and hit the stage, Siomai is a Type A superstar kind of person—and she spent four years intently studying burlesque before debuting onstage in the summer of 2018. She

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UTR: Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

The single coolest thing about the Internet is the ability of otherwise small groups of fans to find one another. It’s even better when they are generally overlooked by their main communities.  Dallas and Celeste Mora are creating just such a community through their podcast Comm Talk by Geek Devotions. They started

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