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The word “pivot” became a buzz word in the early days of Covid-19, and the Coronavirus is still a hot topic during the summer of 2020.  On June 29, NPR (National Public Radio) pivoted to launch a new daily news podcast called Consider This, which is rebranded from Coronavirus Daily—a news podcast

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UTR: Seriously, What the Frick?

  “Yet another true-crime podcast…”   The opening sentence in the description of Seriously, What the Frick? provides pretty good insight into the show. Is it that much different from the hundreds—heck, maybe even thousands—of true-crime podcasts out there? Probably not. So, if you are a true-crime enthusiast looking for something just a

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  What do you get when you combine Victorian London in the 1800s with spaceships and science geniuses? The audio drama podcast BRASS, that’s what. BRASS is a steampunk fantasy adventure set in 19th century London—except it’s not the London you would remember from history books.  The BRASS family are all science

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Ready To Invite Love Into Your Life?

With Valentine’s Day drawing near, there couldn’t be a more perfect podcast for readers to discover now than Love Works with Nicole Moore. For the past nine years, Nicole has built her brand around love. Considering herself a Celebrity Love and Relationship Coach, she says:  “I work with women and couples who

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2022 Australian Podcast Awards

Australian Podcast Awards Winners 2022 Congratulations to all the winners who were chosen by over sixty international and Australian judges working in the sector.   iHEART PODCAST OF THE YEAR The Last Outlaws LISTENERS’ CHOICE Life Uncut with Britt and Laura iHEART RISING STAR

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