Chenese Lewis Charts Her Own Path In The Plus-Size Industry

Chenese Lewis grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having always been plus size, she remembers her parents instilling her with confidence and self-acceptance from a very young age.  “When I was in kindergarten, my mother said, ‘You are smart, and you are beautiful. If anybody has anything negative to say about you,

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UTR: The WILD with Chris Morgan

  Do you love nature? Curious about how it survives, despite humans? Ecologist Chris Morgan, host of THE WILD, invites listeners to join him in discovering different aspects of nature firsthand.  This show provides beautiful insight into wild animals and their stories, as well as the humans who work with them as

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UTR: Crime Theories

  Clunky but interesting and sometimes humorous. That is the best way to sum up Crime Theories.  After over two years of writing for Podcast Magazine and listening to dozens, probably over 100 podcasts in that time, I hear a lot of what I call “yammering.” I was even compelled to look

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UTR: Chris and Dave’s Reality Cast: Love Island

  Formerly the Love Island Cast podcast, Chris and Dave’s Reality Cast: Love Island is a true fan show full of laughter and cheeky comments. Expect plenty of expletives in their weekly informal chats, with comical commentary that is so entertaining, you barely notice the coarse language that seems to roll off

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2022 Australian Podcast Awards

Australian Podcast Awards Winners 2022 Congratulations to all the winners who were chosen by over sixty international and Australian judges working in the sector.   iHEART PODCAST OF THE YEAR The Last Outlaws LISTENERS’ CHOICE Life Uncut with Britt and Laura iHEART RISING STAR

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