UTR: AI: Decodes the System

  This show debuted in December of 2020 and only has a few episodes. I was expecting content about Artificial Intelligence when I started listening but was pleasantly surprised to discover that “AI” is short for “Amber Ivey,” the host and creator. Recently moved from Education to the Technology category, this show

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Podcasts

The holiday season is upon us… a time when we really get into the nostalgia and rich traditions of holidays past. It is also a time marked by thoughtful and kind behavior toward others and the giving and receiving of gifts. But the winter holiday season has changed over time.  For history

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From Old-School Cassettes To A Modern-Day Podcast

Sometimes, when I hit “play” on a podcast, I have to admit I am left wondering if the host ever considered learning a bit more about how to speak and communicate effectively. After all, most of us aren’t born with a microphone in hand and natural talent for it. But when I

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It’s Time To Meet The Muppets…

Things were going well for Fergie L. Philippe. He had broken into Broadway as a performer in the smash hit Hamilton, playing the roles of Hercules Mulligan and James Madison. He had traveled with the Hamilton national tour and was settling into the Broadway production at the Richard Rogers Theater.  By all

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