Call Of The Void

Michael and Josie Herman are the brains behind the award-winning science-fiction mystery podcast, Call of the Void. “When we started as audio drama beginners, it was easier to cast ourselves as the two lead parts in case we had to redo scenes. We decided to use our friends for all the other

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Podcasting Moves Out of the Basement

Drive around any city in America, and you’ll surely see record stores and recording studios for music and musicians. You’ll see galleries and painting studios for art and artists. You’ll see bookstores and book club groups meeting in Panera, for books and authors.   But it is rare to run across anything built

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Small Town Dicks Is Big Time: Yeardley Smith

As a writer and interviewer, I am always excited about talking to interesting people. When they are also extremely genuine and pleasant—like Yeardley Smith, co-host and co-producer of Small Town Dicks—it’s just icing on the cake. Even though I had just met her, Yeardley made me feel like we were old friends

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UTR: Can I Say This at Church?

  Religious people sometimes get a reputation for shutting down hard questions. Host of the Can I Say This at Church? podcast Seth Price started this provocative show as a result of having his own questions that he wasn’t sure he could actually ask aloud at his church and still be accepted. 

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2022 Australian Podcast Awards

Australian Podcast Awards Winners 2022 Congratulations to all the winners who were chosen by over sixty international and Australian judges working in the sector.   iHEART PODCAST OF THE YEAR The Last Outlaws LISTENERS’ CHOICE Life Uncut with Britt and Laura iHEART RISING STAR

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