Historical Significance with Brevity

As a middle and high school history teacher in Romania, Scott Allsop wanted to find a way to go beyond educational standards by adding a creative flair to his lectures. He also longed to dive deeper into the aspects of history he’d been sharing with students for 15 years. To do both,

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Science Without Bias

In a time when people believe the idea that even scientific “fact” can be interpreted, Jessica Steier and Andrea Love provide listener relief by ‘sifting through the noise’ in their show, Unbiased Science.  Inspired by the chaos of misinformation, Jessica and Andrea were driven to do something to tame it. Each brings

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UTR: The Mortification of Spin

Reformed podcasts often feel stodgy because they use orchestral bumper music and hosts who take themselves way too seriously. They tend to emphasize the education value of podcasting and neglect entertainment and inspiration. The last thing you expect from them is fun. The Mortification of Spin podcast is the antidote to boring

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UTR: Does Not Compute

Hosts Sean Washington and Rockwell Schrock talk all things web development and it is obvious they love what they do and have a deep knowledge. Stick with the show past the initial opening because it is not always crystal clear what the chosen topic is as the show starts even reading the

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