Who’s Making All That Racket?

140 characters.  They called it a “microblog.” At first, being held to 140 characters when posting something was really strange. But it caught on, and then it caught fire… and then, everyone

The Wizard of Podz

Creating a first-class podcast doesn’t take all the skills you think it might. You don’t need a studio, high-priced microphones, musicians, professional editing, or graphic design skills. The only things you really


Sharon Says So!

If you’ve never listened to a government podcast before, now is the time to rethink your stance. Here are a few reasons why: The Sharon Says So podcast launched on July 19,


UTR: Brain Health 365

  It is refreshing to find a podcast about the brain that makes an important topic accessible to the average person. Brain Health 365, hosted by Brian Browne, a cognitive health expert,

UTR: A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

  Hilariously funny and wildly entertaining, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich brings together the talents of Mythical Kitchen’s “Chef” Josh Scherer (journalist, author, culinary producer, and director of all culinary content


It’s All About the Questions

Call Espree Devora “Founder,” “Superhero,” “Creator,” “Leader,” “Geek Tech-Evangelist,” or “Kick-Ass Podcaster”…  But NOT “a woman in tech.”  Like many women in the industry, Espree prefers the reference to being a female