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It is refreshing to find a podcast about the brain that makes an important topic accessible to the average person. Brain Health 365, hosted by Brian Browne, a cognitive health expert, focuses on innovative, holistic, and integrative approaches. 

Brian and the experts he interviews provide the tools and knowledge everyone needs to age well, “whether you’re thirty-seven, fifty-seven, or eighty-seven.”

Straightforward guidance is often just what we need—like this statement from Brian during one episode: “We treat sleep as if it’s one of the most disposable commodities…but science has proven that it is one of our most valuable.” 

From pregnancy and “mommy brain” to emotional resilience, embracing mortality, and music as medicine for the brain, the topics on this show delve into concerns shared by many.

What’s more, Brian and his guests don’t shy away from controversial topics. In a recent episode, he and Veronica Santarelli, CEO of Grassp Health, discuss the potential of using medical cannabis to help people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. This conversation is sure to be of interest to families and caregivers who are feeling frustrated in their search for the right solutions to combat the behavioral disorders associated with dementia.

Brain Health 365 helps listeners think clearly about an aspect of health that we can’t take for granted. 


December 2021 Issue

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