Take The Leap

When life presents challenges, you can either stall or leap forward.  Colleen Biggs chose to leap—and LEAP, she did.  As host of the podcast Take the LEAP, Colleen uses her platform to

Breakthrough Success For Business Growth

While most eleven-year-olds Marc Guberti knew were playing video games or team sports, he was writing blogs. And not about video games or team sports, either. He was blogging about his love

Podcasts for Business StartUps

In 2021, a record 5.4 million new businesses were started in the US. Worldwide, the numbers were staggering as The Great Resignation continued with work decisions changing based on factors brought on

Cameron Herold: Stepping Into The Spotlight

Behind every great CEO is a tireless COO, or “second in command.” And now, there is a podcast devoted solely to the Chief Operating Officers of the business world!  Cameron Herold, celebrated

Jennie Bellinger: The Direct Sales Domme

The $35B (with a capital “B”) direct sales industry has traditionally consisted of moms selling products to their families and friends. It’s one that promotes in-home parties, recruiting new members to the

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