Beverly Walthour: A Timely Reminder-We’re More Alike than Different

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“Get on out there and have fun!”

In the business category, there’s a lot of deep discussions, tough love, and mindset talk—but not a ton of “fun.” Sometimes, we get so focused on the challenges, the number targets, and doing the hard work that we forget the fun.

Talking Business with Beverly is the exception. It keeps that fun front and center, while bringing in all the other pieces, as well. Host Beverly Walthour’s holistic approach to business covers all the bases.

And her path to podcasting was different than that of most podcasters, too. Beverly’s show began on radio and tv. But what started out in traditional media soon made a natural transition into the podcast space based on overwhelming listener demand. (Go podcast listeners—let’s keep it up!)

By adding the podcasting medium, Beverly is able to reach more listeners who can subscribe, download, and listen in on their own schedules—which is key to her goal of showing more female entrepreneurs how to build generational wealth with their own businesses via her advice and conversations with guests.

In each interview and episode, Beverly’s approach focuses on going deeper than the “sipping-champagne-on-the-beach” fantasy and into the real and raw conversations about what it really takes to create time and financial freedom. Guests share the 5, 10, and even 20-year journeys they took to achieve the success they have in their businesses today, including the challenges, pivots, failures, and crazy plot twists that inevitably happen along the way.

I have to agree with her listeners and reviews—this podcast is more like listening in on an unfiltered conversation between two girlfriends sitting on the couch than an interview. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Listeners also get to hear a diverse variety of approaches to business success… the universal takeaway? 

You have permission to be who you are and to run your business on your terms… rather than by what others say you have to do.

That diversity and her guests’ stories have also reinforced Beverly’s belief that, as humans, we have so much in common.

“I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing entrepreneurs through my podcast. Hearing their stories and seeing how much we have in common as human beings is so refreshing. In a world where people’s differences are often the focus, it’s great to know that we are more similar than we are different.”

One lesson Beverly exemplifies in her podcast, and in her business, is that when you focus on getting out there and having fun, the challenges (like her secret confession that she’s actually an introvert!) don’t stop you. They only fuel you to push past the discomfort, to grow, and to make things happen.

As entrepreneurs, now more than ever, it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s okay if you get knocked down; just don’t stay there. 

“I once heard a coach, Maru, say the following, and it has stuck with me ever since,” Beverly said.
“Take that leap WITH faith and trust that the person you will become will catch it. You can create the type of business, and life, you want. It starts with you DECIDING that you can. Then, taking ACTION toward doing so. So, get on out there and have fun… you got this!”

Tune in to Talking Business with Beverly, and be reminded that you can have it all, and you don’t have to do it all alone.


October 2020 Issue

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