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Rachel Luna: Are You Willing To Offend?

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Rachel Luna, host of Real Talk with Rachel Luna, isn’t playing games. Everything about this show is the raw, real truth. She’s willing to give it straight, too… even if it offends. 

Forbes named Rachel “one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram,” and it’s easy to see why. This fascinating former US marine (sporting her “Decisions Determine Destiny” tattoo) is here to inspire and push you to step into what you’re here on Earth to do with confidence. 

We sat down for a virtual conversation in the middle of the pandemic lockdown, and it was one of the most honest conversations I’ve ever had.

As we chatted about everything from reality TV to green juice to working from home with family around and how the heck Instagram influencers keep things so perfectly white in their homes, Rachel’s mission in podcasting and life was clear. While it’s true that she may have launched her show because she was tired of putting on makeup for videos, her purpose is to be fully present for her community and call out exactly what she thinks they need to know about business, life, and reality, so listeners can become magnets for miracles.

After a triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis back in July 2019, Rachel made the decision to follow her own path for a holistic approach to treatment. She’s been so transparent with her audience about it that she literally recorded a podcast episode during her coffee enema. In case that doesn’t make it clear, she’s determined to live life loud, and without filters.

Real Talk with Rachel LunaAnd she’s okay if that offends you. In fact, if you’ve ever worried about offending others, Rachel’s got great advice: 

“When you show up however you feel aligned for the day, there will be people who are not rocking with you. There is going to be a percentage of the population you might offend, or you might trigger, or annoy. That’s okay.

“You’re not responsible for other people’s perception of how you’re showing up in the world. You’re not responsible for the traumas other people have experienced that they haven’t healed from. That’s not your responsibility.

“Your responsibility is to show up and to share the message that you feel led to share on that day. Your responsibility is to heal your trauma, your own wounds, so that when you see someone else showing up in their authentic self—in what’s aligned for them—you’re not triggered, and you don’t respond in anger and negativity. Rather, you get to respond from a place of love.”

Isn’t that a great thought? What if we could put aside our own pain and look through a lens of love? 

“We all have work to do. And I hope that by learning from me, you accept the good parts and the parts that are still healing. They’re not bad. They’re not dirty. They’re not shameful. They’re just still healing and growing.”

Rachel’s cool with you disagreeing with her, because she’s already made the decision to show up and love everyone who will allow her to love them: “I’m here to offend,” she said. “Not because I want to hurt people. But because I want to be true to who God created me to be.”

The number one takeaway Rachel hopes you get from her podcast? That it’s okay for you to show up, however you want to show up, exactly as you are.

And if you’re wondering which episode to start with, Rachel suggests you play a version of “podcast roulette”—open up the album of all her shows, close your eyes, and be open to a blessing. Do a quick scroll, and just see where your finger lands. Start listening there.

But one warning from Rachel: “You shouldn’t listen if you’re not ready to be offended. You shouldn’t listen if you’re not ready to hear someone do it in the most imperfect way. You shouldn’t listen if you are expecting something. Just come with no expectations. Just listen for whatever you’re supposed to get in the moment. That’s what you should be listening for.

“My hope is that you listen to the one episode you need to hear that gives you the permission to offend… the permission to be free and fully self-expressed. I hope it gives you the ability to activate your faith, claim your worth, and build your wealth. That’s what I’m here for.”

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