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Who says podcasts must be started by “young” people? Shiv Sivaguru, the creator of Software People Stories, started his podcast after the age of 60. From there, he added additional cohosts, Chitra Ghujar and Gayatri Kalyanraman, to expand the perspective of the show. Based in India, the three hosts discuss software development, the people behind the software, and what works when it comes to leading teams. They even cover how comics have led to the development of software. 


India has been a driving force in software development for years, and this show not only gives voice to their unique perspective on the leading edge, but also to the world impact software has on how we live and do business.


One of the things I like about the show is the fact that all the hosts have been in the trenches themselves, having experienced their own successes and failures. Working with global teams during the course of their careers, the episodes have a global view many other podcasts in their category do not. The hosts interact well and have a nice rhythm in both their interviews and amongst themselves when they do not feature a guest.


This show would make an excellent addition to your playlist if you are in software development, want to be, or perhaps lead a team of developers. The insights gleaned from guests on their development and creative processes are exceptional, and can apply to other industries besides software development, as well.

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