UTR: An Acquired Taste

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Written by Melinda Wittstock.

There’s plenty of weird in our world, and if you’re a “weirdo” who loves self-care, self-help, and all things strange, this one’s for you.

Every week, Bethany Watson and Kathleen Heaney get together to chat about the “funny, sad, crazy, and disastrous stuff going on” in their lives—with the added bonus of bizarre and haunted talks from the Internet… because everything is true on the Internet!

It’s a weekly dose of hilarious BFF time exploring life’s most embarrassing questions (“Am I in love with my best friend?”) to eerily haunted topics (“Someone might be living inside of your walls!”), with a sprinkle of tactical spy skills (“This is how you spot a hidden camera!”) and top tips to cope with the Coronavirus (“Even when our brains are too fried to search for something new to watch!”).

Bethany, an actor, writer and producer, met up with Kathleen, a digital content creator, while working together on a New York City morning radio show, and “the pod popped out of its mother’s theoretical audio womb” in March 2016.

You never quite know what’s going to come up on this one, and it’s always entertaining.


September 2020 Issue

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