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Sometimes marketing podcasts feel like BS.  This one doesn’t.  Anne Candido and April Martini share honest talk about everything marketing.  And you might be surprised by the real-world examples they’re willing to share.  

You’ll notice a few unique aspects to the Marketing Smarts Podcast:

  1. Every episode has a companion worksheet.  

Yes, really… they’ve gone beyond “practical advice” and provided highlights, step by step implementation notes, and space for you to create your own action plan from each episode.  

  1. They’ll tackle any topic.  

While they’ve got a focus on personal branding and marketing, as you dive into the archives you find episodes like “How to Get Good at Saying No” and “4 Tenets of Tough Conversations”.  

They don’t sugar-coat or gloss over the reality of business either.  Consider “4 Unspoken Rules of Networking” or “Being a Woman in Business: Everything We Wish Someone Would Have Told Us” as explaining exactly why their company is called “Forthright People”.  It makes sense.

  1. It’s not a stream of interview episodes.

The current trend in business podcasts is an endless stream of guest interviews.  April and Anne aren’t swayed.  The majority of their episodes are straight talk, real teaching with the two of them sharing their deep experience in branding and marketing.  It’s a nice change of pace.

One reviewer commented: “judge this podcast on insights per minute (IPMs).”  Tune in, take notes, and see what IPM you get.  It’ll be high.


October 2021 Issue

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