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Hilariously funny and wildly entertaining, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich brings together the talents of Mythical Kitchen’s “Chef” Josh Scherer (journalist, author, culinary producer, and director of all culinary content at Mythical Entertainment) and culinary producer Nicole Hendizadeh. They take on and dissect the web’s most controversial culinary quandaries with great humor. If you ever wanted to dive deep into the debate of whether ketchup is a smoothie, or how to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, or to discover the best way to cook an egg, there’s an episode here for you!

Turn this show on while you’re in the kitchen cleaning out that junk drawer to entertain you and help you decide what to keep, what to regift, and what to throw directly in the trash. Dive deep into some of the interviews with culinary travelers like Adam Rich, whose episode explores the greatest food invention of all time, or Khushbu Shah, the restaurant editor of Food & Wine Magazine, who explores whether food really brings people together.

Whatever you do, push the subscribe button on this podcast, because you’ll eat up the entertainment provided by this Mythical crew! Oh, and by the way… their opinions are strong and often at odds: according to Nicole, a hot dog is most definitely NOT a sandwich, to which Josh vociferously objects.


August 2021 Issue

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