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At a time when fashion shows, red carpets, and other familiar events are few and far between, the fashion industry has turned to podcasts to remind the public of a glorious cultural history, re-establish why fashion matters, and dig into the exciting projects that are shaping the industry.

Since podcasts, including those of high quality, are relatively simple to produce, an increasing number seem to be appearing in the Arts space. Themes range from the history of the big brands to the backstories of prominent design collaborations. This is great for fashion enthusiasts, who are gaining incredible insights via audio content.

If you’re one of them, here are three you don’t want to miss:

Dior Common Thread

The Dior Common Thread podcast series, hosted by Ed Tang, offers discussions with the creative souls at the center of collaborations initiated by Kim Jones, the Artistic Director for Dior Men.

Kim may well be the most absorbing element of this podcast. A man of many passions, Kim loves rare books, physiology, tapestry, and lots more, and his collections of functional items have been a source of inspiration for him. The work of fashion designers, writers, and artists who think differently became fodder for him to chew on as he developed his unique brand of creativity and became a designer himself.

If you’re wondering what a day in the life of these design collaborators is like when working on projects, Kim spills the beans. He reveals how sometimes, great ideas pop up when they are simply walking down the street together. He believes it is important to have a thick skin and a laugh before working closely all day, ensuring they don’t take themselves too seriously and instead focus on getting along and being professional. 

Kim’s observations are telling. Listeners will probably agree with his assertion that the current fashion landscape has drastically changed the titans of the industry. This podcast’s glimpse into the world of creative collaboration is living proof.

Listen at:

Gucci Podcast

Speaking of collaboration, through Gucci’s podcast, we learn more about the Florentine fashion brand’s “eclectic narrative, inspiration, and vision,” as noted in Apple’s description. 

In the episode “Creative Directors Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia on The Hacker Project,” audiences hear the heartwarming behind-the-scenes story of the way this project was birthed and evolved. The combined brilliance of these leading designers left an indelible mark on the world of fashion as they “hacked” Gucci and Balenciaga’s “design codes,” or motifs, in an unprecedented way to mark Gucci’s centenary anniversary. Now, their fascinating creative process is revealed, thanks to this podcast.

As Alessandro recalls how he bounced the initial idea off his partner and then jumped onto Facetime with Demna, listeners take in the charming simplicity of how it all started.

Have you ever had a conversation with a like-minded peer that felt like you were catching up with an old friend? It turns out that’s essentially how Demna described that inspiring initial chat to his husband. Fashion enthusiasts get to hear about the natural way the project flowed from inception to fruition. After their creative fires had been lit, the designers gave each other space to experiment and explore the possibilities. Forget meetings; the duo simply kept each other informed. 

 Only in amiable, authentic conversations like the ones on this podcast will you hear a comparison between fashion and pornography. As Demna says when discussing appropriations, “Everybody plays with everybody’s codes.” The difference with the Hacker Project was that there was a layer of permission.

This podcast is designed for listeners who want fresh insights into the inner workings and lives of key players in the world of this Italian fashion giant. 

Listen at: 

3.55 – Chanel Connects

Chanel’s podcast, 3.55, was launched in 2017 with a focus on “combining innovation and technology with aesthetics and passion,” as per its Apple description.

Intimate discussions with key players on the fashion and art scene give listeners a peek behind the curtain. Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment, the Métiers d’art ateliers, and event spaces are among the recording venues. 

The newest podcast series, Chanel Connects, ensures this luxury fashion brand continues to stamp its authority as a forward-thinking icon of high culture. Listeners are sure to be delighted with conversations with high-profile artists, including Pharrell Williams, Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, and Es Devlin, artist and stage designer.

The first episode set the stage for many more fascinating discussions. In it, critic and curator Aric Chen leads a must-hear conversation with architect Sir David Adjaye and fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba. 

They may inspire listeners to have a positive approach when things don’t go as planned. Innovation under pressure clearly comes naturally to Anifa, the founder of the women’s clothing line Hanifa. She unexpectedly ended up having a virtual fashion show on Instagram, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Audiences tuning in to a Chanel podcast may not anticipate amusing tales of childhood habits, but that’s what you’ll hear, along with the laughter that accompanies pandemic stories shared in this episode. With three different approaches to new ways of working and the challenges of travel, it is a treat to be a fly on the wall for this chat.

From the serious side of creativity to the hilarious, this podcast connects audiences to a reimagined Chanel brand.

Listen at: 

Just as fashion bloggers opened the industry to the masses, eradicating its image as the exclusive domain of established critics and high-brow members of society, the podcast medium may be creating a new wave of change. Who would have thought the fashion industry would have turned to the world of audio to elevate this highly visual sector? Podcasts are already delivering rare insights into the fashion world. What’s next? Time will tell… 


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