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No creative wants to be a starving artist. On The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast, business and PR strategist Catherine Orer is doing her part to help artists see that they can be entrepreneurs in a way that feels authentic to them. 

This show is essentially a valuable forum for artists to get practical guidance from Catherine, as well as peers who are further along in their journey. 

It is no secret that most artists detest the business side of earning a living. Catherine and her guests prove, episode after episode, that it is possible to turn one’s art into a profitable career. Best of all, the experts empathetically share their insights into the challenges and fears many artists face and clearly outline the steps to overcome these perceived limitations. 

Some episodes expand the scope of what artists may consider to be opportunities available to them. One such episode is entitled “The Role of Curators in the Art World.” Listeners learn not only about curators, but about the role of exhibitions and museums.

The advice shared on this podcast ranges from the importance of consistently engaging with your audience to the reasons creatives need to protect their artist brands.

Any artist can benefit from the priceless strategies Catherine and her guests share based on their wealth of experience. Take a listen today.


March 2022 Issue

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