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I’ve had a passionate love-hate relationship with food since gathering around my grandma’s kitchen table as a child. Her fried potatoes and spaghetti were the carnival barkers to get me to the show, but conversation was the main attraction that kept me enthralled well beyond the meal.

And that’s how I ended up binge-listening to Spilled Milk with comedians and writers Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. This auditory treasure starts with a simple food-related topic—such as plums, fajitas, supermarket lunches, or the food court—and grows into entertaining banter and stories that feel as comfortable as my spot at Grandma’s table. 

Those who know me won’t be surprised that my favorite episode is “538: Morning Beverage Routine,” because I have a long, deep, and intense relationship with coffee. The episode has everything—love (coffee), conflict (French-press decaf? Who does that?), new ideas (morning green tea… really?), and lots of stories. 

The best part? They keep me entertained and smiling from their first words to sign off, and that’s no easy feat. This is my go-to podcast. If you share my lifetime devotion to all-things food, give this one a listen.


August 2022 Issue

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