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A few years ago, I went on a trip with a few of my buddies. We geared up to drive from NYC to Atlantic City, and right after I started the van, my friend sitting next to me plugged his iPhone in and said, “Let’s listen to Bill Burr.” 

“Who is Bill Burr?” I asked.

Well, I found out real quick, as tears of laughter filled my eyes. Fortunately, we didn’t get into an accident. Even better, I got introduced to an extremely funny comedian.

If you want that same laughing-while-driving experience, tune into Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. You will find much of the same comedic style here as you do in his standup routines.

Even if you may not have had heard of Bill before, you will probably appreciate the “regular guy just havin’ a conversation” style of the podcast.

For example, I can appreciate when Bill talks about how he has watched football for over 40 years, but can’t seem to pick a game correctly this season. I found myself yelling, “Me too!” toward the windshield when I heard that.

Just reading the description of each episode tells you what you are in for as they almost always begin with “Bill rambles…”

So, the next time you’re driving down a crowded highway, instead of concentrating on avoiding a road-rage incident, give this show a listen.


January 2022 Issue

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