2022 Top 50 Moms in Podcasting

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Each May, we celebrate moms and all they do for everyone else—their kids and families, other people’s kids and families, their friends and loved ones, even strangers… and of course, their podcast fans around the world.

It’s time for our third annual list of the Top 50 Moms In Podcasting!

On the following pages, we proudly present the results of the vote for this year’s favorite podcasts for, or hosted by, moms.

While their efforts may be tireless in their role as “mom,” those who choose to share their knowledge, wisdom, expertise, tips, tricks, fears, and fun through podcasting deserve an extra-special gift this Mother’s Day! Help us celebrate them by subscribing to their podcasts now. 

Congratulations to all the winners, to every mom who podcasts, and to women everywhere with the honorable title of “Mom.” 

Happy Mother’s Day from the Podcast Magazine team!

#1 – Just B with Bethenny Frankel

Hosted by: Bethenny Frankel. If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle this podcast. Just B with Bethenny Frankel is the best of your favorite self-made mogul—shrewd career smarts, a razor-sharp sense of humor, and a deep insight into how business and people work. (Society & Culture)

Top 50 Moms in Podcasting

#2 – Your Hope-Filled Perspective

Hosted by: Dr. Michelle Bengtson. Your Hope-Filled Perspective draws on Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s almost three decades of clinical expertise as a neuropsychologist to help her listeners regain hope, renew their minds, and transform their lives. With a perfect balance of clinical expertise, compassion, and vulnerability, Dr. Bengtson and her guests purpose to share Biblically-based, hope-filled perspectives for real-life issues, struggles, and concerns. (Religion & Spirituality)

#3 – Dynamic Women® Podcast

Hosted by: Diane Rolston. The Dynamic Women® Podcast is an award-winning, action-focused, lifestyle and leadership podcast full of stories and strategies to help women design their success and unleash their “Dynamic Woman.” You can learn from the experts how to get clarity, build confidence, and get into action on your biggest goals and dreams. (Business)

#4 – Mama Knows Best, We Got Something to Say!

Hosted by: Nicole Cumberbatch. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and the more informed we are, the better decisions we can make that will positively affect us and help shape and develop our families. Which is why I created this podcast. There is something special about hearing stories you can relate to and learn from. (Kids & Family)

#5 – SHE-Nanigans

Hosted by: Christine & Jenn. We are two girls who met when we were 12 years old. We are truly lifelong sisters by choice. We have both been through inconceivable tragedy and have chosen to “flip the script” and make life about supporting each other, finding the silver linings, and embracing all the funnies.

#6 – Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen

Hosted by: Heather Hester. Do you have a child, teen, or young adult who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer? Do you feel alone in your effort to support them on their journey or navigate your own? Heather Hester from Chrysalis Mama is here to transform the conversation around loving and raising an LGBTQ+ teenager. Since her son embraced his sexual identity as a young gay man, Heather and her family have felt every emotion and experienced dozens of situations ranging from heartwarming and humorous to terrifyingly life-threatening. She and her husband initially felt alone and overwhelmed, moving her to want to support others traveling a similar path. (Kids & Family)

#7 – Speaking to Influence

Hosted by: Dr. Laura Sicola. When you speak, do you want to inspire others and be recognized as a true leader? Do you want to feel more confident, have greater influence, and get bigger results? This is the show for executives, business owners, and leaders who need to command the room, connect with their audience, and close the deal. (Business)

#8 – The Momologist

Hosted by: Sasha Culpepper. A mom’s best resource. We take “Mama knows best” to a whole new level! We are a mom-led podcast that inspires, empowers, and educates parents in their search for child-rearing wisdom. From innovative theories to controversial claims and even the familiar hot topics, we’re here to put a magnifying glass on it all by interviewing industry leaders and specialists in their field. Motivated by a desire to “know it all,” a “momologist” is an inquisitive parent who probes, analyzes, and gathers information in pursuit of becoming better equipped to mold a life. Here, every momologist can embrace her underrated skill of “over”-thinking within a supportive, curious tribe of fellow moms. (Kids & Family)

#9 – Peace in His Presence

Hosted by: Michelle Diercks. Does your heart become distracted by anxious overwhelm? Does that distraction have you forgetting who you are as God’s Child? Find out how you can rest in God’s promises and receive the peace of His presence. Michelle is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher whose mission is to help you do just that. (Religion & Spirituality)

#10 – Mamas in Training

Hosted by: Jessica Lorion. The podcast for aspiring first-time moms searching for guidance and community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Whether you’re an aspiring mom or a pregnant, expecting woman, we are here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We’re in this together! (Kids & Family)

#11 – Momtourage

Hosted by: Ashley Hearon-Smith & Keri Setaro. Hosts and moms Ashley Hearon-Smith and Keri Setaro know how hard it is to find your mom-crew. Hang out with these two accidental besties every week as they get real about parenting, the struggle to be selfless mothers but still bad*ss b*tches, partner fails, and post-partum sex. Join the MOMTOURAGE! Presented by CafeMom. (Comedy)

#12 – Raising Kids On Your Knees

Hosted by: Tina Smith. Our passion at Raising Kids on Your Knees is to equip moms and dads to pray powerful and effective prayers for their children. We believe that your best parenting is done on your knees, and we are here to help you do just that. Join me every Sunday as I share with you tips that will help step up your spiritual parenting. Our FREE prayer sheet and Daily Devotions, which are short and to the point, are designed to help you step up your spiritual parenting game and are available by visiting RaisingKidsonYourKnees.org and subscribing to the Prayer Tribe. (Kids & Family)

#13 – Parenting Our Future

Hosted by: Robbin McManne. Parents! We CAN change the world, starting with the way we’re parenting our future. Up to this point, children have been seen as “less than” and parented in a way that uses power over them. Most of us were parented this way, but there is a shift in thinking about the way we raise our kids. Parents don’t feel good about using shame, blame, criticism, punishments, and even rewards to get their kids to listen. Parents want a different way, because they know from their own childhoods that this type of parenting hurts and leaves us with scars we take with us through our adulthood. (Kids & Family)

#14 – Say Their Name

Hosted by: Adell Coleman. Webby and New York Festival Award-winning series focusing on the assault and killing of Black people by police in “Stand Your Ground” states, highlighting incidents throughout the United States. (Society & Culture)

#15 – Letters From Home

Hosted by: Meg Glesener. Heavenly PERSPECTIVE. Need it? Step into the lives of everyday people with extraordinary stories of faith. I pray you leave each episode encouraged and inspired to love our God and our world more deeply. IICor. 3:3 ❤️meg (Religion & Spirituality)

#16 – Start-Up Parent

Hosted by: Sarah Peck. If you’re growing a business, starting a business, or figuring out the madness of entrepreneurship, and you’re thinking about having kids, this podcast is for you. We go in-depth with founders and entrepreneurial parents about what it really takes to have babies, grow businesses, and stay sane. And get a little bit of sleep.(Business)

#17 – Come To The Table

Hosted by: Amanda Turnbull and Melissa Weber. A place where real women have real conversations with and about a real God! (Religion & Spirituality)

#18 – Parent Them Successful

Hosted by: Jessika Shields. Join Jessika Shields, Licensed Educational Psychologist, wife, and mother of four as she shares invaluable parenting tips that position children for success academically, socially, and emotionally, so your child can go from simply surviving to thriving! For nearly 20 years, she has helped countless parents turn their child’s struggles into successes. Discover insights and strategies that help you parent with intention and purpose, so your child travels on a path filled with abundant opportunities. Learn more about relationship-building, navigating education systems, special education, nurturing giftedness, mental wellness, and early interventions that work. Get access to expert interviews, real parenting stories, and solo shows from Jessika that EMPOWER YOU! (Kids & Family)

#19 – Your Next Stop

Hosted by: Juliet Hahn. Juliet Hahn is a storyteller, consultant, keynote speaker, and content creator. Her mission in life is to give women and men a stage to share their stories. She believes deeply that everyone has a story, and we all can learn from each other. We just need to listen. (Society & Culture)

#20 – Architecting

Hosted by: Angela Mazzi. If you believe design can change the world, you’ve found your humans here on ARCHITECTING! This show is about the architect as a person and helps you bypass the status quo traps in our profession while teaching you how to make an impact with real-life strategies. Angela helps overwhelmed and burned-out architects reclaim their passion for great design. Together, we’ll explore thought leadership, how to achieve your next career level, time/energy-management tips to stay balanced, and promoting well-being in work, life, conscious design, and social change. (Business)

#21 – Mama Work It

Hosted by: Marisa Lonic. You’ve got ideas and ambition, but no time. If you’re a working mom juggling mom life, work life, fill-in-the-blank life, this podcast is for you. Join host Marisa Lonic, working mom of four, each week as she provides a mix of tips, motivation, and fun to make whatever you’re looking to achieve happen, no matter how busy AF, tired AF, and overwhelmed AF you may feel. This show is about slaying the day as a working mom, whether that means setting and achieving big goals you have for yourself or just making it through the next five minutes of the season you’re in. (Education)

#22 – The Mom Next Door

Hosted by: Pam Fields. Momlife is tough. Sometimes, we are discouraged by the world around us, and sometimes, by the things happening in our own homes. But when we are overwhelmed by life—when motherhood is hard, when discouragement, frustration, and challenges set in—it helps to hear what God has done. It is at those times when we step away and hear of God’s activity in the lives of others that we are encouraged by the fact that He will take care of us, too! (Religion & Spirituality)

#23 – That Trophy Wife Life

Hosted by: Dayna Pereira. That Trophy Wife Life is a comedy and self- improvement podcast hosted by your favorite “Participation Trophy Wife” (Dayna Pereira). Featuring comedians, podcast hosts, authors, and entertainers of all kinds, Dayna and her guests discuss the challenges and adversities they had to overcome to get to living their version of “That Trophy Wife Life.” Well… maybe it’s a participation trophy 🏆. (Society & Culture)

#24 – PG-ish Parenting

Hosted by: Erin Holland. Bite-size wisdom from today’s teachers, psychologists, doctors, authors, and parents that can help transform our parental experience from overwhelm and frustration to growth and success. Not only for our children, but for ourselves. If parenting had a guidebook, this would be it. 

#25 – Moms Moving On

Hosted by: Michelle Dempsey. Letting go and moving on after divorce? That takes guts, strength, and a whole lot of support. Author of the book Moms Moving On and Certified Divorce Specialist Michelle Dempsey-Multack, MS, and her guests are bringing you all three. Your divorce support village is waiting for you! Follow Michelle on Instagram @themichelledempsey. (Education)

#26 –

Chaos ‘N Cookies

Hosted by: Heather Steinker. Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full-time job. As a busy mom of three who’s keeping it weird in Austin, Texas, it’s safe to say that my life is never boring. In addition to running my coaching business as C’N’C’s CEO, I’m a certified coach for a premier virtual fitness and nutrition program helping others feel better while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. (Kids & Family)

#27 – Don’t Wing It Podcast

Hosted by: Wren Robbins. Welcome to the Don’t Wing It Podcast with your host, Wren Robbins. Listening each week will help you set aside your fears and doubts and empower you to start your own podcast. If you are looking for practical podcasting tips—all in a value-packed five-minute episode, then you have come to the right place! (Business)

#28 – Real Moms of Bravo

Hosted by: Abby Steffens. Listen to real moms and long-time friends Abby and Vanessa recap your favorite Bravo shows every week in 30-ish minutes or less. They’ll dive into all their favorite shows, including Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and Southern Charm, and if you ask nicely, they’ll add listeners-requested shows, too. These moms know that balancing kids, work, and Bravo can be tough, so they’re here to help you out! (TV & Film)

#29 – Wellness While Walking

Hosted by: Carolyn Cohen. Inspiring, interesting, and funny news and stories about health and life are delivered to you by Health Coach Carolyn in this walking podcast. Your 30-minute movement venture will now be a more social occasion! After 30 minutes, you will feel energized and renewed, having moved, learned, and laughed! (Health & Fitness)

#30 – Equipped To Be

Hosted by: Connie Albers. Equipped To Be is dedicated to helping Christian women discover and develop their gifts, strengths, and talents to navigate all seasons of life. This podcast will inspire you to move forward, even when you think you aren’t enough or don’t have the right skills to succeed. Connie shares conversations about building relationships, parenting, social media, marriage, homeschooling, faith, the challenges we face, and how to navigate them. I’ve spent 35 years learning about how we are uniquely created for relationships and connections with others, and one of the things I’ve learned during this time is how few of us know who we are and what we are equipped to be. (Kida & Family)

#31 – Authentic Online Marketing

Hosted by: Ruthie Gray. Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly. (Religion & Spirituality)

#32 – The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. Podcast

Hosted by: Erin Harrigan. The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. Podcast is tailor-made for Christian businesswomen who’ve had success yet feel something is still missing. My mission is teaching women like you how to break free from overwhelm and overachievement, so you can carry out God’s assignment with clarity, serenity, and fulfillment. On this podcast, we apply Biblical truth to business with practical application, so you can tune out the world, tune in to God’s truth, and turn up focus to build a thriving business for Kingdom impact! (Business)

#33 – Family Seasons

Hosted by: Teia Jones. Family Seasons by Coach Teia and Damian Dalcour is intended to be one of your go-to resources to help you wrangle through the many issues and changes that most families experience. We go through having children, graduation, marriage, divorce, caring for elderly parents, and so much more. The podcast is here to make those seasons a lot more manageable. (Society & Culture)

#34 – The Gentle Cosleeper

Hosted by: Alexis Honey. The Gentle Cosleeper’s host Alexis Honey is just a gentle mama myth-busting and fact-checking societal norms and scare tactics surrounding cosleeping, bedsharing, and responding to her babies’ cries with her toddler on one hip and her baby on the boob. Don’t mistake her gentleness for passiveness, because this little mama has all the fire when it comes to raising her littles. She has spent the last three years studying and speaking to the best in the gentle community. She wishes to be all-inclusive as she navigates through her own journey of motherhood while trying to not raise *ssholes. (Kids & Family)

#35 – WTF – What The Fifties?

Hosted by: Mara Graff and Tami. A podcast about life in our 50s. Tami and Mara talk about menopause, raising children, friendship, family, growing old, and growing up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Want to ask questions, make requests, be a guest, or sponsor the podcast? Email us at whatthefifties@gmail.com. (Society & Culture)

#36 – All the Things TV

Hosted by: Tiffany Jo Baker. Welcome to All the Things TV video podcast with Tiffany Jo Baker, where we help you grip God’s grace, use your gifts, and get your goals in the midst of your mess and mission. Speaker, Strategizer, 3x Surrogate and Host Tiffany Jo Baker and everyday experts share priceless nuggets, so you can do “all the things” you are called and created to do! Join us now for Season 3 of the “Unstuck + Unstoppable” series, where we talk about the stories, strategies, and steps we need to break through the stuff that is holding us back and move forward in birthing your God-given dreams. 

#37 – Accidental Hope

Hosted by: Jenn Eikenhorst. The Accidental Hope podcast is dedicated to providing resource of healing from a faith perspective for those impacted by a serious accident or trauma. AH is a community seeking hope and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. (Religion & Spirituality)

#38 – Didn’t I Just Feed You?!

Hosted by: Stacie Billis & Meghan Splawn. Didn’t I Just Feed You?! is a candid weekly podcast about feeding our families. Co-hosts Stacie and Meghan dig into everything from the high highs and low lows of meal-planning to coping with picky eaters to the joys of dining out with kids and real-life wellness for families … all with a mission to make family mealtime more fun and less stressful. Armed with culinary prowess, practical advice, and guest experts ranging from celebrity chefs to everyday parents in the trenches, a microphone, and yes, sometimes whiskied Stacie and Meghan make life as the family cook easier. Or at least funnier. (Arts)

#39 – Motherhood Mindset

Hosted by: Stephanie Pletka. Stephanie is a motivational speaker, the author of Living Your Best Life, and radio show host of Motherhood Mindset on Faith Talk Radio 1360 in Phoenix. She produces a weekly podcast to help women navigate the messy parts of motherhood. Get ready for entertaining stories and three actionable steps to finding the goodness in the hard places. It’s time to be encouraged to chase your dreams and write your story. (Kids & Family)

#40 – Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Hosted by: Tina Smith & Betsy Pendergrass. Not all heroes wear capes, but all moms are heroes. Welcome to the podcast for moms, Not All Heroes Wear Capes with your hosts Betsy and Tina. We want you to know that we hear you, and we see you. Join us weekly for laughs, serious talks, and occasional tears as we share with you funny stories and serious chats on all things mothering. Our prayer is that your time here will be an encouragement as we walk this journey with you together. (Kids & Family)

#41 – Two Marketing Moms

Hosted by: Kelly Callahan-Poe & Julia McDowell. You are not alone! Navigate the jungle gym of marketing and advertising career advancement with two pros (and moms) who have decades of work and life strategy to share. (Business)

#42 – Carl Her Mommy

Hosted by: Carlie Nolan. A podcast for the everyday moms ready to get vulnerable, raw, unfiltered, and sometimes explicit about the highs and lows of motherhood. This podcast doesn’t offer all the answers from parenting experts, but it creates a space for us to connect and use humor to get through mom life. If you want to talk about everything from leaky boobs and the funny sh*t your toddlers did today to how to actually make mom friends, this podcast is the one for you! Hosted by another regular mama of two babes just taking it day by day trying to survive and possibly even thrive throughout this journey of motherhood. (Kids & Family)

#43 – No Guilt Mom

Hosted by: JoAnn Crohn and Brie Tucker. Feeling overwhelmed as a mom? Tired of doing everything for your kids and wish… just wish… someone would step in to help you out? Welcome to the No Guilt Mom parenting podcast hosted by author, teacher, and parenting coach JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed, and co-host parenting coach and educator Brie Tucker. (Kids & Family)

#44 – Bubbles & Biz

Hosted by: Nicole Bernard. Join me as I sit down with small business owners and entrepreneurs over champagne to discuss the ups, downs, and hacks for running a business! (Business)

#45 – Ripple Podcast

Hosted by: Rosa & Angela. The podcast where we tell you strange and unusual stories and the ripples they create. AKA: The story after the story. Our podcast recipe: a shot of murder, a splash of conspiracy, and a few heavy dashes of paranormal, garnished with two twisted sisters. (Society & Culture)

#46 – The Let Good Things In Show

Hosted by: Amanda Acker. The Let Good Things In Show is all about second chances and the fact that our pasts don’t have to define our future. The show will give hope and inspire those with a difficult past to see they are worth it and can have the success they want in life regardless of what society is telling them. The show focuses on conversations with those who have overcome adversity such as incarceration, addiction, and mental illness. They are raw and real, and nothing is off the table. There is also a lot of laughs and deep, heartfelt discussions. Together, we can change the world! (Education)

#47 – Bridge of the Faithful

Hosted by: Jenna Erlandson. Each episode of Bridge of the Faithful will focus on an aspect of the word “faithful.” We will work together to define what God’s faithfulness means, what faithfulness on our end looks like, and the amazing blessings we receive when we truly understand the both of them. (Religion & Spirituality)

#48 – Unbiased Science

Hosted by Jessica Steier. Dr. Jessica Steier, a public-health expert, and Dr. Andrea Love, an immunology expert, are the hosts of Unbiased Science, a podcast devoted to objective, critical appraisal of available evidence on health-related topics relevant to listeners’ daily lives. Follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/unbiasedscipod. (Science)

#49 – Mimosa with Moms

Hosted by: Abbey Williams. Welcome to the Mimosas with Moms podcast with your host, Abbey Williams! Each week, Abbey welcomes guests to discuss real topics of parenthood. Mimosas with Moms is a community of support, empowerment, and connectedness. Here, you are not alone. We are all in the trenches together, we celebrate together, and we parent together! (Kids & Family)

#50 – Grace Over Perfection

Hosted by: Allison Simmons. Hey girl! Welcome to the Grace Over Perfection podcast with Alison Simmons, where we talk about how to find freedom in letting go of control and perfection by applying the word of God to our lives daily. It’s time to stop just looking like a Godly woman, and start LIVING like one, so let’s get started. (Religion & Personality)



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