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John Waters—call sign “Rain”—is the host of The Afterburn Podcast, an exciting and interesting podcast featuring Air Force pilots and their stories, many of which are largely unknown to the general public. 

Debuting in January 2020, Rain, who was an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot for over 12 years, brings the podcast alive with inside connections and gripping stories. 

This is the Leisure Category, which implies a laidback listening experience. However, this podcast is anything but. Right from the energetic opening, the episodes will get your blood flowing. The stories and guests are real—real military personnel with tales most of us can only imagine or have seen in romanticized movies. And Rain is a generous host—one who allows his guests to actually answer questions fully (a learned and practiced skill some podcasters lack).

In listening, there is a sense of eavesdropping on intimate conversations between colleagues catching up, often in “pilot lingo” that can seem foreign to most of us civilians. Nonetheless, the episodes are intriguing.

These are the real “top guns” of our generation. The men who, among others, put their lives on the line for the freedom of our country. This show is very well done and worth the listen. At the end, stand and salute the heroes of the air!


April 2022 Issue

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