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Okay, this is a fun podcast—even for someone not into machines and things that produce loud sounds or go fast! 

This is an incredibly engaging and well-done podcast. Host Brian Lohnes doubles as your history guide, exploring well-known as well as little-known motor events. The episodes are well- researched and vary in length based on the topic. Interspersed in the episodes are “real life” newsreels, interviews, and “man on the street” remarks. 

The variety of episodes run from locomotive races to car races to jumbo jets running out of gas mid-flight to Evil Kneivel’s death-defying jump across the Snake River. Brian has an immense talent for putting the listener right in the moment of the event he’s discussing. 

There are quite a few podcasts out there that discuss all things motors, but few actually find the unique and weird happenings. Brian does, though, and he researches thoroughly. Listening to the episodes truly gives the listener a deep understanding of the event and its logistics. 

If I had to find a negative, it’s that there aren’t enough episodes. As of this publication, there are less than 50.

I’d give this podcast a 10 if I could… it’s just that good.


March 2022 Issue

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