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What better time of year to review a podcast about sugar and bakers? From the home baker to the professional baker and everyone in between, this is for you if you’d enjoy a fun show full of hints and tips for baking.

This is a UK-based podcast hosted by two engaging professional bakers, Sam Hamer and Erica Fernando. While fun to listen to, it is also very educational. 

Each monthly episode lasts an average of an hour and is focused around a basic baking theme—from sustainability in baking to how to make a terrific buttercream. There is even an episode relating to Natasha’s Law, which requires producers in the UK to list allergens in packaged foods. Clearly, this law affects the professional baker and how they label their products, as well. 

This is a very niche podcast that teaches and entertains. The banter between the hosts really speaks to their friendship. While they don’t always agree, even the disagreements add to the listener’s enjoyment. 

Since I’m metric-challenged (yes, I know it’s based on 10 and supposedly easier), listening to the ingredients in grams and kilograms was challenging, but it didn’t take away from the podcast at all for me. 

So, grab your favorite cookie recipe, start the podcast, and enjoy! 


December 2021 Issue

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