30 Shows For Tech Fans In 2022

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With a new year comes all sorts of possibilities. New ideas. New goals. And sometimes, even new listening habits. 

Keeping that in mind, I started wondering what the fans and hosts of technology podcasts are listening to. Is it the shows that always rank at the top, or others that mysteriously never seem to make it on the lists Apple is willing to show you?

Over the course of the last two years, I have discovered that both fans and hosts of technology podcasts have diverse tastes. From a host’s perspective, their most-listened-to shows tend to be a mixed “tape” from within their own genre as well as from categories within the opposite end of the spectrum. They listen to other podcasts under tech, sure, but also dive into art and leisure, business, finance, automotive, music, true crime, tv and movies, world news, and even politics. Many listen to other hosts in the same genre versus just one cybersecurity, coding, or news show, etc. 

It also seems tech hosts have a nearly universal passion for anything Dr. Who, computers that run amok, and the ethics of tech and business. They tend to want an international perspective on a variety of topics, at least in the cases of the shows I’ve featured, as they generally agree that a world view is critical to shifting perspectives and making a difference with their content. Having solely a U.S. perceptive seems to be a negative, as illustrated by this quote from one of my interviews: 

“Just presenting from a U.S. perspective is like trying to pick up an elephant one handed.” Now that is a picture, and not something I would even want to attempt!

Tech podcast fans are not so different from the hosts in that they are Dr. Who fans and music aficionados, and they care about how tech affects our lives. They look for shows that are thought-provoking and educational that will also help them find a tribe of people who care about the same things they do.

To give you some ideas for new shows to sample for the new year, I looked on Apple podcasts in the technology genre. Then, I scrolled to the bottom to see what other shows people listening to those particular tech shows subscribe to. Now, while I don’t know whether that is “good enough” research (considering Apple creates the lists), I do know that the shows listed piqued my interest and appear frequently on “Listens To” lists from the hosts I have profiled.

Following are thirty shows listed in no particular order. Due to space constraints, I couldn’t list them all, but if you see something missing that you love, let me know by dropping me a line at technology@podcastmagazine.com

Without further ado … 

Hacking Humans

Clark Howard Podcast

Darknet Diaries

Smashing Security


Rich on Tech

Car Pro USA





Talk Show with John Gruber

Accidental Tech Podcast

Kim Komando Explains

Pod Save America

The Tech Guy

Talking Tech

The Infinite Monkey Cage

99% Invisible

Screw the Commute

The Tim Ferris Show

Stuff You Should Know

Doctor Who: Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels

How I Built This

Why It Matters

The Daily

Revisionist History

The Business of Tech

Killing IT

In Machines We Trust


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