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There are literally thousands of business podcasts. Some motivate, some inspire, and some educate. Many educational business podcasts are dry and, quite frankly, boring. 

This podcast is not. 

Host Brad Powell focuses primarily on video, content, making the most of repurposing, and livestreaming. Brad practices what he preaches—the solo episodes are full of practical information that even beginners can follow, yet it’s not so basic that a seasoned business veteran can’t learn.

His guests offer value, as well. He has a nice combination of solo episodes with solid training and those with guests who offer even more practical and applicable information. They do a great job of staying with the theme of the podcast. The podcast is basically a masterclass in using video smartly and in a way that will save business owners time. 

In addition to livestreaming the podcasts, the videos are repurposed on Youtube and LinkedIn. I followed a couple of episodes across all the different mediums to see how Brad handles the different platforms. I found a consistency of the program in all of them, with just slight adjustments for each specific platform. 

I recommend this podcast as not only an enjoyable listen with a knowledgeable host, but educational, as well. If I can combine education with pleasure, that’s always a good use of time! 


October 2022 Issue

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