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I stumbled upon this podcast while researching another. I love finding hidden gems like this, especially for the underrated section of Podcast Magazine®. The hosts are fun to listen to and appear to deeply care about educating their audience about AI and how it can and is being used in real-world applications.

Their latest episode speaks to what those in AI actually think about AI, its evolution, and its future. Hearing differing perspectives is what makes a good podcast, in my book, and Practical AI delivers, with a varying slate of guests from all facets of the AI world.

The hosts have an interesting series on AI in Africa and AI in healthcare that are not your usual interviews for an AI show. That fits with their goal of delivering conversations about how AI is being used to move the world forward. 

One of the hosts was recently ill with COVID, and he had an in-depth conversation about how AI is being used to track COVID and find a cure. It then went deeper about AI and nutrition, and how AI in one seemingly disparate arena can be used to help humanity hack performance.

If you are curious about the ethical conversations about AI, yet want to explore the real data that comes from machine learning and how it is changing the world as we know it, take a listen to this podcast.


October 2022 Issue

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