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How AI Happens is a bit different in the tech podcasts realm because I cannot find any indication that the host, Rob Stevenson, has a tech background. All I find is a background in PR, marketing, and podcast production. Despite his lack of a tech background, his selection of guests is excellent. His guests seem open and willing to discuss the realities of AI and their industries and products. Rob asks open-ended questions that allow the guests to expand on their topic while guiding them to go deep. 

The podcast features conversations with experts and practitioners at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and includes guests from Dell, Google, Facebook AI, RedPoint Global, Walmart, Microsoft, and many more. Two episodes that are good representations of what you can expect from this show are “Moxie the Robot & Embodied CTO Stefan Scherer” and “Responsible AI Economics with Katya Klinova & The Partnership on AI.” It was interesting to first hear Rob’s conversation with a robot, and then in another episode, with a guest who explains why replacing human labor with A.I. doesn’t benefit the whole of humanity and what our focus should be on instead.

As the show has progressed, Rob seems more comfortable asking probing questions of his expert guests. I look forward to seeing its growth in 2022.


January 2022 Issue

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