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Remember reading about Ichabod Crane, Amelia Earhart, and the Bermuda Triangle in school? 

Did you ever learn about D.B. Cooper, John Wilkes Booth, or even Al Capone’s lost fortune? 

If so, has it ever seemed strange to you that we chalk some mysteries up to just that . . . mysteries? 

Well, that doesn’t fly with Chris Williamson nor Jennifer Taylor. 

Chris has made a life out of researching mysteries. In fact, his love of mysteries, history, and research started in third grade when he chose Amelia Earhart for a project topic. Now, he’s out to find the truth, digging far and wide to uncover the evidence wherever it points. 

Jennifer Taylor is a real-life, accomplished criminal defense attorney with a love for the power of podcasts. Jennifer believes that preparation, attention to detail, and work ethic are the keys to winning a case.

Together, they have created a ‘chamber’ where they bring forth evidence and use the rule of law to determine whether the evidence is real. They implement a modern-day investigative technique that brings each season into a courtroom and before our listening jury. The question they pose in each episode is, “What evidence convinces you?”

In Vanished, you can expect to ride along on a “live investigation” of the world’s most notorious mysteries and then sit in the jury box to decide if what you’ve heard is real, false, or legend. 


November 2020 Issue

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