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My husband enjoys listening to podcasts as he’s falling asleep. Having them on a timer means I hear whatever he’s listening to, as well. 

So when my brother-in-law recommended Belief Hole to him, I heard it “by default.” And I’m so glad, because I might not have found it, otherwise. 

Hosted by three brothers, Belief Hole is now in its third season. Topics range from complete absurdity to aliens to paranormal to conspiracy theories. The banter and discussion between hosts Jon, Jeremy, and Chris is fun and entertaining. The sound effects bring a cinematic feel to their storytelling.

The podcast is engaging and lures listeners in. However, the Belief Hole website is a must see! The graphics are crisp, and every episode has detailed resources that contributed to their research of the topic. The site even has a page for a playlist of music featured on the podcast.

Belief Hole also showcases their listeners’ own paranormal experiences—and some of them are out there!

Belief Hole is monetized, and listeners can get access to bonus and continuing episodes by joining Expansion. Genius business move on their part, because the hosts end their episodes with a cliffhanger that almost forces listeners to subscribe to hear the rest of the episode and get the must-hear “bonus” materials for paid subscribers. I found myself enthralled with some topics.


May 2021 Issue

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