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It takes courage to talk openly about one’s struggles with anxiety, depression, and navigating midlife. It is impressive to find that Billy Donnelly is not afraid to do this on his deeply personal podcast, Getting Old Quickly

With a background in radio, film, and TV, Billy’s voice is easy on the ears as he aims to encourage others to share their difficulties and avoid suppressing their emotions. It is admirable to hear someone readily examining his own good, bad, and ugly within himself and his day-to-day challenges.

Billy does an excellent job of helping destigmatize the conversation around mental health struggles. 

And as he lets us in on his private thoughts on topics like his COVID-related fears and anxiety triggers, there’s no doubt he is achieving his goal of opening the door for others to similarly share and process their own feelings, emotions, and experiences, and ultimately feel less alone.


February 2022 Issue

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