UTR: Casual Space Podcast

I love this show! Beth Mund, former NASA public affairs officer and self-proclaimed space geek, started this podcast to talk about all things SPACE related, with the promise to keep it casual:

UTR: In Defense of Plants

  Matt Candeias hosts this fascinating podcast dedicated to loving plants… in fact, to loving plants and the botanical world so much that we begin to think of them not as ‘things,’

Joe Moore Wants to Blow Your Mind

Newsflash! There is a podcast out there that might literally change your mind about psychedelics and ‘altered states’!!  Meet Joe Moore, host of Psychedelics Today Podcast. Week after week, Joe and his

UTR: Life’s Little Mysteries

  Life’s Little Mysteries is a new Audioboon original podcast dedicated to “answering questions about mysteries big and small.” Featuring health reporter Nicoletta Lanese, who is at the forefront of Live Science’s


With the coronavirus—and the fear of it wreaking havoc on life as usual—all around us, now is the perfect time to get a healthy dose of disease sleuthing with This Podcast Will

It’s All In Our DNA

Recently, I watched the People’s Choice Podcast Awards. When the host announced DNA Today as the winner in the Science & Medicine category, my interest was piqued. Then I heard Kira Dineen,

UTR: Knowable

  Knowable probes the limits of how we think about big questions in science and technology and how they have changed over time.  An extension of Knowable Magazine, this podcast is hosted

Fun with Science Journalism…

In my hunt for great women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) who make science accessible to the masses without dumbing it down, I was delighted to find the ScienceVs podcast,