UTR: In Defense of Plants

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Matt Candeias hosts this fascinating podcast dedicated to loving plants… in fact, to loving plants and the botanical world so much that we begin to think of them not as ‘things,’ but as fascinating living organisms with their own evolutionary and ecological stories to tell. And Matt really delivers on his mission.

         I have listened to a random sampling of the 250+ episodes available, and give this podcast a 4.5 out of 5 mic rating.

         One full mic for subject matter. The depth, breadth, and wonder of these episodes is noteworthy. The one criticism I have is that, sometimes, the content is very science-heavy and might lose some listeners. But that is partly a result of the type of information around the argument being made, and sometimes, the fascination of the topic lies in the science. So, no ding to the mic rating here.

         One full mic for quality of guests. Matt’s guests are all experts, well-spoken in their fields, and definitely worth listening to.

         One full mic for Matt. He is knowledgeable, interesting, and a true hero to those of us who love ecology and the wonders of the plant world. He is a very good teacher and an excellent interviewer.

         Half a mic for production quality. The audio quality is inconsistent, which can really be distracting. On the other hand, the accompanying show notes are really good.

         One full mic for how it comes together as a podcast that nature lovers won’t want to miss.


March 2020 Issue

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