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Who hasn’t dreamt of floating in space? Walking on the moon, rocketing through the galaxy, and visiting other planets? Entertainment like Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, and The Expanse fuel our imagination and leave us in wonder of the adventure of living among the stars. Yet due to the rigorous physical and mental requirements for becoming an astronaut, the majority of us will never experience the life of an astronaut.

One recent episode was dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of the International Space Station, and the hosts share the experiences from seven astronauts who were there. 

As a fan of the show The Expanse, another recent episode about the current mission to Mars and the plans to colonize Mars is especially fascinating. Once relegated to science fiction, the US, China, and United Arab Emirates are launching missions to Mars in 2020, and suddenly, Mars doesn’t seem 54 million miles away. 

Naked Astronomy is the brainchild of Dr. Chris Smith. The show’s core of rotating hosts—scientists in various disciplines—discuss everything in our galaxy and beyond with their international guests. 

With the overwhelm of social media and current events, it is refreshing to listen to a podcast that focuses on real-life events occurring among the quiet of the stars, and to meet the people behind the science of making life in space a reality.


December 2020 Issue

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