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Knowable probes the limits of how we think about big questions in science and technology and how they have changed over time. 

An extension of Knowable Magazine, this podcast is hosted by Adam Levy, an atmospheric physicist formerly of Nature podcast covering climate change. Currently, the show is a mini-series of four inaugural episodes. 

In the first, they shoot right to the heart of science—Einstein! They explore the theoretical history of black holes and compare it to what we know now. They follow that with amazing innovations behind the goal of creating the perfect artificial human heart. The third episode delves into the history of, and controversy around, the development and implementation of solar power (Levy’s sweet spot). Last, but certainly not least, they dig into memory, and how our brain actually handles it, in Episode 4. 

This show promises to deliver great content in the future. I particularly like the format of 15-20 minutes for each episode, because it satisfies my commute. It is long enough to provide interesting sound bites backed by resources to bring home to the dinner table, and you can consult their complementary magazine if you care to dig deeper. Despite it being relatively new, I for one am looking forward to keeping it in my queue, so I don’t miss a single episode!


March 2021 Issue

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