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When I first stumbled upon Margo Tantau’s Windowsill Chats: Real People and Their Creative Paths, I immediately imagined myself sitting in a windowsill, with Margo sitting in hers across the way, and simply chatting about all our creative endeavors and how to overcome obstacles—the kind of chit-chat you can’t have with your “normal” friends who aren’t creatives. 

Raised with a rich oral tradition, I’m familiar with the concept of windowsills, front porches, kitchen tables, and dual rocking chairs as venues for deep thought and silly talk. Often, those talks center around what’s new in town, who’s dating who, and what’s new in each other’s life. Rarely in my circle do we talk about the pains of being creative or brainstorm new projects. 

With Tantau’s podcast, I have that virtual fellowship through the conversations with her guests. It covers topics like how to follow my own instinct and write my own story, how life’s changes evolve one’s artistic vision, and how to stop worrying about what others think of you. Common themes throughout the podcasts are empowerment, validation, intuition, and the pursuit of scores of different arts. 

Although I’ve only scratched the surface of almost two years of podcasts, I’m planning to take this one to the beach and back.


July 2022 Issue

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