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Have you ever wondered what makes a criminal tick? What’s going on in the mind of a murderer? Why a serial killer shows no remorse?

Someone who understands that “why” is retired FBI agent Candice DeLong. She’s a former criminal profiler and the current host of Killer Psyche. Her vast knowledge spans a storied career going back to the early 1980s and the infamous Chicago Tylenol Murders.

This podcast is perfect for those, like me, who really want to go deeper into the “why.” Given her expertise not only as a profiler, but also as a former psychiatric nurse, she brings a unique perspective. She digs into the psychological aspects and techniques that help us to understand what is going on in the minds of what many would call “sick” individuals.

Killer Psyche may be more for listeners who really enjoy going deep into a case or have an intellectual fascination for the specific subject matter. The casual true-crime fan may not find the podcast that engaging. While Candice is clearly an expert with a ton of expertise to share, she often sounds like she is reading from a script with a deliberate tone. At times, the show feels like you are sitting in a large lecture hall in a university.

If you can get past feeling like you are back in your college days, you will learn a lot from Killer Psyche.


May 2022 Issue

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